Let Us Improve Your Writing

In the international world of science publishing, the ability to write in English at a high level is a major advantage. Academic writing should be clear, accurate and to the point. While writing it is easy to become so engrossed in your topic that you can no longer consider writing from a detached perspective.

As with all academic writing, it is always important to have a fresh pair of eyes read-through your paper once you have finished the writing process. Your writing will need a sharp eye to detect all the mistakes. At City Hills Proofreading, we are interested in improving the quality of your article.

We edit to correct the grammar, improve the language and format to meet the intended journalís style. We improve overall clarity and organization of your manuscript.

City Hills Proofreading qualified professional academic editors have vast experience working with academic writing at all levels and in all fields. We know how to take your writing and help it make the best impression on those who read it. Our teams of managing editors and language editors will ensure mistakes are corrected and your document is as direct as possible.

Why Choose Us

  • We provide professional academic editing and proofreading services for all academic disciples and fields.
  • At Manuscript Editors you can be confident that your manuscript will be treated confidentially.
  • Useful service fast and accurate.
  • Editing is thoroughly done.
  • Our experts will edit and return your manuscript within 3 business days.

What We Offer

We give your manuscript the attention they deserve. At City Hills Proofreading, we;

■   Edit your manuscript to be clear.
■   Re-arrange sentences.
■   Replace inappropriate words
■   Offer the highest standard of editing.
■   Format your manuscript to adhere to
authors guidelines.